History of the UTT

Yes, it is possible that, when you see the launch of the UTT, you have thought: What is this? A new Ultra Trail? Tuejar? Especially if you have been not aware of the Spanish Trail panorama for the past 12 years, because they are exactly those, 12, the number of editions that Tuejar Trail has taken place, better known as the Half Marathon "Montes de Tuéjar", or MDT.

Really, the MTBTuéjar Club, and its divisions of running (Tuéjar Running) and hiking (Andariel), did not start organizing the MDT, the history goes back a long way, to the year 2001, with the X Open of Spain XC of mountain bike. Later came the San Diego MTB, and its 19 editions, for sure a benchmark in Valencia. Finally, a great climax was the Scott Challenge, which put together in a weekend our love for the Trail and the MTB.

As you have seen, we are a veteran sports event organizer, it was this curriculum vitae and a series of fantastic coincidences, which led us today to present a new test: the UTT or Ultra Trail Tuéjar.

2001: X Open España XC Tuéjar
2001: X Spanish Open XC Tuejar

A shared vision

Every great event is born of a breeding ground, of longings, of a vision shared by a group of restless people. This is what the UTT does.

In our life, first as fans of mountain biking, and later, as trail runners, we have participated in multitude of sports events, from the most modest and local, to the most famous and national. Experiences which we applied in the organization of our races, with the goal in mind of offering the best to the participant.

If we join it with the fact we live in a natural environment of great wealth, diversity and beauty, the Alto Turia, with its 520 square kilometers of endless forests, rugged mountains and spectacular gorges, the idea of offering a national reference race to delight the participant was born in us.

Loma del Chinchel
UTT: walls of Chinchel hill

Goal: enjoy a great challenge

The 50.5 km of the UTT have been designed with one goal in mind: to be a challenge and at the same time a pleasure for the senses. It may seem like an incongruity, but we are sure that Trail lover's know what we are talking about.

In Ultra distances, time slows down, the rhythm of our feet decreases, it becomes slower and more measured. It is in these tests where we really have the opportunity to appreciate what surrounds us. We take the race more calmly, because the distance is respectable. The fast and accurate rhythms move away from our mind. We can admire the environment, enjoy each path we travel, with each descent...

We are sure that attending the dawn of the day in these places is an experience that marks and that is what we want you to take home, along with the satisfaction of completing one of the most beautiful, demanding and unique tours of the entire national geography. Are you ready? We are waiting for you on March 31st. Do not miss it.